Where do all the bicycles come from?

1,200 bicycles are donated to Recycle-A-Bicycle each year. Bikes can be donated through our storefronts during shop hours. We can make arrangements to pick up ten bikes or more and also participate in bike collections in and outside NYC.

What happens to all the bikes?

  • Many of these bikes are refurbished and are reintroduced to the streets of New York City. Proceeds from bike sales and repairs at our storefronts support our youth job training programs. Youth participants learn bike mechanics and environmental education through internships and Earn-A-Bike programs in our school-based shops.
  • Recycle-A-Bicycle supplies each of our school-based shops with bicycles. The bikes serve as education materials for job training and Earn-A-Bike programs.
  • Most kids bikes that are donated to Recycle-A-Bicycle are processed by interns and volunteers and are swapped or donated to community residents through Kids Bike Swaps and Bike Bonanzas.
  • Some bikes are demanufactured and recycled. Since we accept donated bicycles in any condition, sometimes bikes are too rusty or damaged to be repaired. We salvage the parts that are safe to reuse and recycle the remaining metal. We separate the aluminum and steel and literally recycle 12,000 pounds of metal each year.

How many young people do you work with?

  • Job Training - Recycle-A-Bicycle trains more than 100 teens each year through internships and workshops in our storefronts and education center. In addition, more than 500 youth are enrolled in our school-based programs throughout the city. Youth refurbish an average of 500 bikes each year.
  • Bike Riding - More than 100 youth are enrolled in Kids Ride Club. The participants collectively pedal 10,000 miles each season, burning a total of 1,500,000 calories. In addition, Recycle-A-Bicycle leads Youth Ambassadors programs that integrate bike riding, exploration, education, team building, and a final project and presentation.
  • Community Outreach - More than 300 children receive refurbished kids bikes at Bike Bonanzas each year and an additional 200 kids are engaged through community programs and events.

How many adults do you work with?

  •  12 year round employees
  •  50 volunteer ride mashalls
  •  100 volunteer bike mechanics
  •  10,000 customers and advocates