Recycle-A-Bicycle was first launched as a youth program that served as an outgrowth of Transportation Alternatives' advocacy mission in 1994. RAB salvaged discarded bicycles and created a school-based program that was co-sponsored by the Children’s Aid Society and Henry Street Settlement. In addition to learning bike mechanics, RAB youth began to explore their neighborhoods by bicycle. In time, RAB published "Tools for Life: A Start-Up Guide for Youth Recycling and Bicycling Programs" with sponsorship from the Environmental Protection Agency and “One Revolution at a Time: A Guide to Starting and Running Youth Bike Ride Clubs” with sponsorship from Bike New York.

With the support of Transportation Alternatives, RAB applied to become a non-profit organization and was granted 501(c)3 status in 1998. In the years that followed, Recycle-A-Bicycle has continued to grow and thrive with the support of both new and long-standing partnerships.

Currently, Recycle-A-Bicycle consists of two retail stores, an education workspace, and seven school-based programs located on all five boroughs. We are continually grateful to our growing community of youth, parents, educators, advocates, city agencies, elected officials, community partners, customers, and volunteers for all their hard work and support.

Recycle-A-Bicycle’s logo was created by renowned artist Eric Drooker. Eric Drooker grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and incorporated poster art into his portfolio of paintings and drawings. A true “people’s artist”, RAB is proud to have the spirit of his work represented in our organization.